FXSmooth Indicators

FXSmooth Indicator is an amazing indicator which is based on complex mathematical formulas. This will be able to pinpoint the exact beginnings of the new trends. It claimed to bog moves of the market before the competitors and automatically calculate stop loss and use tight stop loss so your at its lowest risks. This is the claim from it’s creator.


But examining the FXSmooth Platinum on a profile with one chart (1hr EURUSD). We cannot find other indicators on chart. It made the computer to run really slow.  If we checked on the technical problems, it made me see that this indicator made the my computer to run slow.

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It has been working out negatively on some of traders who have tried and have been running the FXSmooth for a week.When they started with a demo account of USD5000, unfortunately  what was left after was only USD3900 and the signals were not good. And the more strictly you follow the signals, the loser you’ll become.

An FX Agency 3 Experience

A multi-dimensional signal generator for MT4, FX agency is best for creating shortcuts in Forex trading and have been profitable in trading. It may have work better that AXN indicator its has  the same Support & Resistance Strategy. If we place AXN on a 4HR chart, and set pending orders in the the direction of the risk, I would break even at the half way point. We could note however that the numbers change if we play it every four hours, we must update any pending orders to the new numbers, if this case would occur.


But then not all experienced the same thing. When they tested it on a live account, it repaints but in a zigzag manner. It cannot be used in live accounts or even in the demo. The direction in the demo is at first, the red arrow pointing and supposed for sell entry but then the market is continually going up. The next one did the same, its still going up. The repaint indicator was okay, there was nothing wrong with it but the CCI-AXN is always jumping around. It really repaints badly.

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Both FX2 and FX3 were not appealing and useful. Tendency is that you can use it in just less than 3 weeks and then forget about it  since it doesn’t give beautiful results.Both entry and exit levels or
signals will change accordingly and in ranging markets. This can be very dangerous to your accounts.

Is Forex Scalping a Gambling?

Due to the speed in operation,Forex Scalping recently gained popularity among traders especially to the novice. Believing that the system would make them rich instantly. Some people said it is gambling as it’s not working against Forex terms and conditions. But Forex Scalping is not gambling, but it’s an art which requires skills and not everybody can do it. People who don’t know anything about price, demand, market condition and supply are the people who would think that scalping is gambling as they enter Forex by guessing.


Just like a sniper or a sharp shooter, having only one bullet and waits for hours for his one big shot. A scalper can be likened to a marathon runners who’s capitalizing quickly on arising opportunities and not at all times that these opportunities would be available, there will come a time that it will fade. Normally, one would not wait that long for the opportunity to come. When we scalp 10 lots in one go, one should be vigilant about everything or else you will loose all your money. One must also remember to learn to do manual trading before you will do the scalping.

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You may use either manual or by scalping robots. If you are using manual, you will manually monitor for the signals and do the trades. While if you are using the robots, it will do those things for you. That means you don’t have to face your computer to monitor trade at all times. And that’s what makes scalping EA’s good. Although we can say that mathematically, it can be the worse type of strategy but definitely it gained popularity due to the fact that it was successful over the years.

Elliot Wave Forex Course by Jody Samuels

Jody Samuels puts in a course of Forex from Elliot Wave . The course gives you a much higher degree of an involvement that is hands on and is well designed for our busy schedules. Thru the the help of  Flash Multimedia Presentations . Essentially, all aspects in Elliot’s wave trading are covered and that includes background theory, mathematical application, pattern recognition and projections and targets. It runs for 3.5 hours and can be done according to your time and your own pace, all the things you need to know from Elliot is here.


Among the topics covered in this instructional course are: Foundation of Elliott Basics Elliott Basics* Foundation of Elliott Wave Theory * Foundation of Elliott Wave Theory * Basic Wave Patterns * Basic Wave Patterns* Wave Characteristics * Wave Characteristics* Introduction to Mathematical Applications * Introduction to Mathematical Applications * Three Essential Rules * Three Essential Rules* Labeling of Waves * Labeling of Waves* Quiz *Impulsive Wave Patterns Impulsive Wave Patterns * Impulsive Wave Structure * Impulsive Wave Structure* Impulse and Diagonal Wave Characteristics * Impulse and Diagonal Wave Characteristics * Rules and Guidelines of Impulsive Waves * Rules and Guidelines of Impulsive Waves* Mathematical Applications * Mathematical Applications* Projections and Targets * Projections and Targets* Determining the End of a Trend * Determining the End of a Trend * Reversal Patterns * Reversal Patterns*Corrective Wave Patterns Corrective Wave Patterns * Corrective Wave Structure * Corrective Wave Structure* Characteristics of Zigzags, Flats, Triangles, and Combinations * Characteristics of Zigzags, Flats, Triangles, and Combinations* Rules and Guidelines of Corrective Waves * Rules and Guidelines of Corrective Waves * Mathematical Applications * Mathematical Applications* Projections and Targets * Projections and Targets * Continuation Patterns * Continuation Patterns*Putting It All Together Putting It All Together* Rules, Patterns, and Probabilities* Rules, Patterns, and Probabilities* The Elliott Wave Trading Map * The Elliott Wave Trading Map* Multiple Time Frame Analysis* Multiple Time Frame Analysis* Daily Trading Journal * Daily Trading Journal.

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Being one of the North America’s leading coaches, she understands very well what a trader lacks and helped him go through the scientific way by following the predictable trend which can help avoid wasting of time and money.


Forex4System download

When looking for an effective system, we all wanted to know if this repaints or not. This is our basis for its effectiveness and profitability. There are a lot of system that does repaints, trendchannel , fractal arrow and se levels but not Forex Income code. Also, if the fractals doesn’t show up, then it’s useless. But if you are a master trader already, fractals are not that important anymore. What you need is to ride on trend and catch 20 pip in a minute. It was simple and when traded it with Forex4seasons, it was poweful in making profit. Then try to trade it on M30 TF along with the Forex4seasns indicator on H4 TF. If the Forex4seasons indicator on H4 TF arrow will point down. If Forex4seasons indicator on H4 TF arrow points up, I will only enter long with IINWMARROWS indicator arrow on M30 TF pointing up and I will not go short until I get Forex4seasons indicator on H4 TF arrow pointing downward. It’s very simple but powerful making profit.


The Forex4seasons is possibly be decompiled to mq4. We can say that the indicator is very profitable if we can see that the signal is making profit.The same principle works with all the trading system there is.

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As for this system, it does not repaint. That means that this is still useless as we cannot see the wave arrows in fxincome code appear 13 bars later. Lastly, the trade assistant does not sent out email too, which is kind of frustrating as well.


Forex Genius and Pulsator -Dependent from each other

Forex- Genius and Pulsator seems to be two interesting EAs. These two looks decent to go on and  to test it. When tried, one of the EA is very risky. The other is independent from the other. The indicator IMPULS and advisor Pulsator are 2 independent EAs. You may check it and verify it if you download and test this in its website.


Accordingly, Pulsator EA is Martingale. It came from Germany and almost all that came from Germany are Martingale. It contains many positions opened against the market trend. Though others claimed that it is not. As if you check this in scientific -trading .com. Though not sure but she could mean another EA with the same name. But then, let’s not be confused when we say that it is martingale per se. It keeps on adding the same size position against the market and will wait for a retracement and does not retrace.

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This is just a word of caution. But the decision is still yours.  The strategy is called Grid Strategy. When we say Martingale Strategy which mean we can multiply the lot-size so it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. It could also mean that this is a combination for both Martingale and Grid Strategy.As for FX Genius was only great for EURGBP. It’s just a scalper and have done well in a couple of months. Statistics shown that it did not do well.