Jjn-bee scalping indicator Review

Jjn-bee scalping indicator is very popular indicator today. Jjn-bee scalping indicator shows the entry, get profit and stoploss levels. You can employ it on M5 or above. You can examine it on trial for initially. You can use PosX and PosY to place the signal to the preferred position. This technique varies from JJN-Bee. I’m using it 4 times on everyday graph, all forex couple, 10-20 pips per signal, it’s operating well. I need add pop up aware.



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TakeProfit and StopLoss come from ATR (you can adjust the interval of the ATR). There are 2 primary rules:

1. Arriving into just if the cost passes across the primary (i.e. for example if BUY seems to be, hang on until the cost is passes across the primary upward)

2. Recognize the pattern and offer only in overall downtrend, buy only in overall uptrend

You are a Coder- you know precisely what Multitime structure is. I am discussing of it displaying the equal factor on all-time supports. That is being able to estimate maybe 15min, 30min and 1hr and displaying either selling or buy. It is not put on show Buy on 30min and offer on 15min. I am saying application that would be able to think the next reduced interval of time and next greater time before selection out its choice.

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