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Review on Modified MBFX Indicator

Modify MBFX is a better signal and it’s really amazing. I have got about 300 pips these days on about 6 deals, with no failures and little draw down. However, it needs tracking the maps often and with many couples it requires a bit. As such, if someone could modify them to be able to provide excellent Signals that would be really valued. These are fairly much the overall guidelines that I’m using to look at out for a trade:




Price is in contact with natural line
Moment is yellow
Center of severity is directing up

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Price is in contact with red line
Timing is yellow
Center of severity is directing down

Many individuals have achievements with this program, and the best business record I’ve seen with it was jazzy smith! I’m using many couples, like GBPJPY, USDNOK, AUDUSD, etc. I’m dealing 4H but I’m also using an EA to take screenshots on every new bar (in 1h) so I can evaluate how the middle of severity goes.